Many thanks to Bethany for giving me a shove!

Here are a handful of questions I’m going to try to focus on over the course of the MOOC.

I don’t think it’s realistic to aim for one question a week, as I’m restricted to MOOCing in the evenings and I’ll be playing catch up some of the time anyway (timezones are such that I’ll not be awake for the streaming sessions!)

  • What technology shifts are impacting eLearning and how do these relate to the needs of learners and educators?
  • What are the innovative educators doing and what are the things they want to be able to do more / more easily?
  • What are the eLearning challenges for students outside the University framework, and how are these being addressed?
The next task will be to align these with the weekly topics, and with the various study groups  and discussion groups that are springing up.