I’m trying to prepare to take part in eduMOOC.

In the room next door, the English lesson via Skype is getting louder. The teacher, at my end, struggles to make herself heard as she prompts for female pronouns. The students excitedly shout back their answers. “One at a time, one at a time!!”, the teacher laughs.

On the other side of the wall, I’m exploring my own online learning options. My playlist helps to drown out the noise… but the obvious failings of the set-up keep popping into my head.

‘The teacher needs a whiteboard’, I think. ‘Students have to be able to write on it too’. ‘What about group work?’. ‘How can we share the homework inbox?’. And, of course, ‘how can we do it for free, and keep it simple?’.

Questions for another day.

Today I’m learning about MOOCs and how to MOOC successfully. It turns out that I’m expected to participate, respond, comment, network. Hurrah! So here’s a space for just that purpose – my first foray into WordPress, too!

I imagine that this will be something of an online notebook, an space to think out loud and capture interesting ideas and thoughts for projects. As I take part in the eduMOOC, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to define and capture more clearly my interests at the intersection of education and technology, and build a better understand of where they fit in the broader picture. And hopefully I’ll garner some suggestions to improve our own little web-enabled classroom!